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Submitting Single Crystal Samples

Forms and Vials

Samples should be submitted in room 2800 Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center and checked for suitability for analysis. As a part of submitting the samples, please complete the sample submission form. Samples should be left in their "mother liquor", and sealed in a suitable vial. The sample vial(s) should be properly labeled with your family name and the sample name as indicated on the web form. The sample name is typically the name for the sample listed in your research notebook.

Samples that are air or moisture sensitive should be submitted in two or more vials.

Fees are charged for many services performed in the lab to pay for maintence and operations expenses of the laboratory.

Samples from off-campus locations should be sent to:

Doug Powell
University of Oklahoma
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
101 Stephenson Parkway
Norman, OK 73019-5251 USA

With off-campus samples, please also include a completed copy of the submission form for each chemically-unique sample. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the lab manager at (405)325-4542, or at d-powell@ou.edu.

Pre X-ray Testing

Samples should be tested for sensitivities to oxygen, water, light, temperature, etc., before being submitted for analysis. Remember that solids are usually much more stable than solutions. Samples exhibiting one or more of these sensitivities should be submitted in two or more properly sealed containers (Schlenk glassware or sealed ampoules). Air or moisture sensitive samples should be submitted with a small layer of solvent covering the material. Please discuss samples requiring special handling with the crystallography lab staff to assure the best quality results.

Before submitting any sample for crystal structure analysis, a small portion of the crystals should be tested by some independent means (NMR, MS, IR, etc.) to be sure that the sample is not really a reactant or an unwanted side product such as NaCl or S8.

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