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Frequently Asked Questions

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Retrieving Data Files

Data files for completed crystal structures are stored on the Crystallography Reciprocal Net web server. Files may be retrieved from the server by using a web browser. Simply point to the url http://xrayweb.chem.ou.edu/recipnet/ and then log in. A computer account on this account can be obtained from the manager of the crystallography lab.

Including Molecular Drawings in a MS Word Document

Three different ways of adding a plot into a MS Word document are listed below. If you have troubles inserting your drawings into word processor documents, please contact the lab director.

Accessing the Cambridge Structural Database at OU

The Cambridge Structural Database, CSD, can be accessed from the xrayweb2 computer in room 2800 of SLSRC. Log into the CSDuser account and begin your search by starting the Conquest program.

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