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Crystallography Facilities

This page describes the Chemical Crystallography Laboratory facilities.

Contact Information

Samples for the Chemical Crystallography Lab should be sent to:

Doug Powell
The University of Oklahoma
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
101 Stephenson Parkway, room 2800
Norman, OK 73019-5251

(405)325-4542 office
(405)420-4800 cell
(405)325-6111 fax

Laboratory Location

The current crystallography laboratory is located in room 2800 of the Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center on the University's south campus, just east of the Lloyd Noble Center. If the doors to the lab are locked, please knock. If you get no response, try room 2750, the rooms are interconnected or simply call the lab manager's telephone (405)325-4542.

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Instruments and Software

The primary instrument in the crystallography laboratory is a Bruker-AXS APEX CCD area detector on a D8 platform goniometer with a sealed-tube X-ray generator, a mono-capillary collimator, and an Oxford Cryosystems low-temperature device.

Data are analyzed on one of several Windows computers. The Bruker-AXS SHELXTL programs and the Platon suite are the software most often used in our crystallography laboratory. The lab provides access to the Cambridge Structural Database for the entire OU campus.

Laboratory Policies

Scheduling of Single Crystal Structure Determinations

The X-ray instrument and computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Exceptions are made on the basis of sample instability and urgency of results.


All samples brought to the lab must be labelled with your laboratory notebook reference. In addition, the following information about each sample must be provided.

The additional information may be placed on the label on the vial or may be on a separate sheet of paper (with the sample) that includes the notebook reference of the sample.

Samples left in the CCL overnight must be placed in a secondary container brought by the user.

Important: Samples that do not follow this policy will, for lab safety reasons, be discarded immediately following university protocols.

Manuscript Preparation

All manuscripts dealing with crystal structures determined in this lab should be sent to the lab staff member that performed the analysis so that they can verify the details of the crystallographic study and prepare an appropriate Crystallographic Information File, cif, to be deposited for or submitted with the manuscript. Please allow the staff member at least 3 business days to proof read the manuscript and prepare the cif.

Funding Acknowledgements

In all publications and presentations that include results from this lab, please acknowledge funds from NSF grant CHE-0130835 and the University of Oklahoma to purchase the diffractometer. Also, please send the lab director a copy of all publications that include structural results from the Crystallography Lab.

General Policies

All users of the X-ray diffractometer must comply with radiation safety rules and legal requirements associated with this instrument. No user may disable or modify any safety device associated with any X-ray instrument without the express permission of the lab director. All users of the computers must abide by all end-user software license agreements and any non-disclosure agreements between OU and vendors.

Fees will be charged for services provided.

All lab policy decisions are made in consultation with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty Steering Committee. All inquiries about policy matters should be sent to the lab director, Doug Powell or to the chair of the Faculty Oversight Committee, Prof. George Richter-Addo.


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