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Crystallography Laboratory Charges

The following charges for OU researchers have been approved by the Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty Oversight Committee.* Comments about these charges should be directed to the lab manager (405)325-4542 or the chair of the Chemical Crystallography Faculty committee, Prof. George Richter-Addo (405)325-6401.

Structure determination, includes crystal mounting, cell determination, data collection, data reduction, structure determination, structure refinement, and report generation. (a combination of the next two items) $85
Data collection, includes crystal mounting, cell determination, data collection, and data reduction. $40
Structure solution and refinement, includes space group determination, structure solution, completetion, refinement, and preparation of report and data files. $40
Unit cell determination, includes crystal mounting and cell determination. $20
Sample handling, for air-sensitive samples only. $5
Atom surcharge, additional charge per non-hydrogen atom > 100. $1/atom
Shipping, charge for return shipping of samples. (per package) $10

Terms are net due in 30 days. Unless other prior arrangements are made, lab charges will be accumulated to the end of the current month for preparation of invoices.

Users from Ph.D.-granting institutions outside of OU and users from non-acedemic, non-profit organizations will be charged these rates plus a 50% overhead charge.

At this time credit/debit cards are not accepted for payment.

* These fees may be waived or reduced upon approval of the Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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